Our Basic pricing is $2.00 per pound on all personal clothing items, no matter the size of the order. Our minimum order charge is only $24.00 and by using our Mix & Match option, you can add non-personal clothing items such as Bedding, and Individually priced items to meet the minimum order charge for your area. We also offer our Express Same Day service for $2.75 per pound, depending on when you order service and if we our able to process your order the same day. Some restrictions may apply which we’ll contact you before sending our driver to pick up your clothes. We are committed to always giving you the most value for your money. Keep in mind, all items in an order will be washed, dried, folded, and returned as one order unless otherwise specified.

If you want certain items, such as another person’s clothes, work clothes, or bleached clothes, please place the items in a separate plastic bag to let us know.

If you are not making any changes to how we process your laundry, we will use your last preferences we have on file. Our default order preference is using our standard house detergent, washing all items together, (except bedding or large items) drying on hot (170 degrees), and returning all shirts folded.  All orders will be returned bundled and packaged for delivery at no additional charge when using our standard order processing. If you are not making any changes to your preferences, we will follow the latest ones we have on file. Our default method is to use our standard detergent (similar to Tide), wash all items together, dry on hot (170 degrees Fahrenheit), and return all items folded.

We provide free pickup and delivery for your order.  Mistakes can happen, but if you forget to put your laundry out for the driver there will be a missed delivery fee for them to make an additional trip.  Always call ahead if we need to reschedule your pick up time before our driver heads your way.