Our basic pricing is $1.00 per pound on all personal clothing items, no matter the size of the order. Based on the distance of the area you live from our business, the minimum order charge may range from $24.95 – $49.95. That means you will want to send more with your order to get the best value. Our Mix & Match option will allow you to add non-personal clothing items including bedding, comforters, dry-clean only, and more to your order to meet the minimum order charge for your area.

Our typical laundry cleaning service pricing is $1.00 per pound and includes personal clothing, towels, sheets, and more. This includes washing, drying, and folding all of the items you send in your order. A standard single load of laundry, like what you would wash at home, will roughly weight 10-12 lbs.

Keep in mind, all orders will be washed, dried, folded and returned as one order. If you are mixing someone else’s clothing with yours, we cannot separate them. However, if you want certain items washed separately such as work clothes or bleached clothes, please use a plastic bag for those items and indicate when placing your order.

If you are not making any changes to how we process your laundry, we will use your last preferences we have on file. Our default order preference is using our standard house detergent, washing all items together, except bedding or large items, drying on hot (170 degrees), and returning all shirts folded. All orders will be returned, bundled, and packaged for delivery back to you at no additional charge using our standard order processing. Additional add-on charges are based on your preferences for all non-standard requests.

We provide you with free pickup and delivery laundry service of your order. There will be a missed delivery charge for our driver to make additional trips if you forget to set your clothes out or if you request there be someone home and our driver misses you. Always call ahead if we need to reschedule your pick up time before our driver attempts delivery.